8 Tips to Make Your Relationship Last

8 Tips to Make Your Relationship Last

When it comes to relationships that last is the result of two partners who embed themselves in the brains of each other in a positive way. What are the secrets of such happy couples? In fact, nowadays, we do not have many role models as well as general perfect ideas about how to have your relationship last. The majority of the things we learn in relationships are from trials and errors. We just try to figure out the question of how to make our relationships last in a loving, harmonious way. To make it easier for you to get the answer of such question, here we give you some essential tips to make your relationship last.


8 Tips to Make Your Relationship Last

Connect To Your Partner As A Part Of You

Many of us view our partner as separate from us. However, in relationships, all interactions are from two sides, it is crucial to bear this in mind for a happy, healthy relationship. Partners in a romantic relationship are one, and connected.

When you start to change your perception from separation to oneness, it will be easier for you to drop the armor in front of your partner. As a result, you will feel much more connected. Also, try to listen sincerely with an open heart.


To make your relationship last, you should let your partner know that you appreciate the things they do that are awesome. People love praise. It is a nature of human beings. Praise is effective in drawing the best out of an individual. Thus, if there is a behavior that you enjoy and love from your partner, give them praises.

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Tell Your Partner About What You Like

Actually, making you happy also makes your partner feel good. According to researches, it was shown that the $exual pleasure of one partner could increase that of the other partner.

Do Not Expect Everyone To Show Love In The Same Way

When it comes to expressing love, each person has different ways of expressing, particularly in the intimate contexts. Maybe, what you need is just a hug, but he needs a conversation. Thus, it is important to find a common ground between two partners. Talk about your own needs and ask what theirs are.

Avoid The Silent Treatment

The silent treatment is common in relationships. However, it is useless. If something bothers you, you should talk about it. Holding a grudge could have a negative influence on the vibration and energy in your home. Your house should feel like a sanctuary – a break from this outside crazy world.

Know What Pleases Your Partner $exually

Let your partner know that their pleasure is also your pleasure, and you want to all about know what turns him on. They will be willing to have you experiment with them.

Keep Your Identity As An Individual

Many people lose themselves in love. This is one of the biggest threats to the possibility of maintaining !ntimacy between partners. Loving someone does not mean fusing our identity for the other person. Happy couples should support each other in an attempt to become their better versions of themselves instead of merging together to become a certain thing. You should learn to appreciate the unique interests of your partner and enjoy them for the individuals they are.

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Talk Openly

Communication is a key of healthy relationships. Happy couples often make time to check in with each other on a regular basis. Try to spend several minutes a day on discussing more personal subjects in order to stay connected to your partner in the long run.

That does not mean you should not bring tough subjects. Keeping problems or concerns to yourself could breed the unnecessary resentment. Disagreements are inevitable in any partnership, yet some styles of fighting are really damaging. Those couples using destructive behaviors during their arguments like withdrawing from the discussions, yelling or criticizing are more likely to break up than those couple who fight constructively.


There are many ways to make your relationship last, but 8 tips mentioned above are very basic and important for every couple. Apply these tips to your relationship and see how happy your partner and how healthy your relationship will be.

Author bio: Vanessa Tan is a Vietnamese-American author and MA in English literature. She is a relationship article writer who has written many articles/online journals on relationships and love. Check her out at the website WikiYeah.com and her Facebook.