6 Tips That Will Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

6 Tips That Will Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

There comes a point in all relationships where excitement begins to wane, and things that previously got both individuals going at it like rabbits no longer satisfies that itch. Thankfully, we did research and collected 6 tips that are sure to light the spark of love again back in the bedroom.


6 Tips That Will Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

1.) Get Wild Outside of the Bedroom

While this first point may seem strange considering the title of this article involves tips to spice things up “in” the bedroom, trust us on this. A change of environment is sometimes just the thing couples need to bring fresh excitement into what you may normally consider “strictly bedroom” activities. Exhibitionism is a real fetish, and if it’s something that neither person has tried before, research according to medical daily, shows that this should be the first attempt at putting love back into your love life.

2.) Visit Adult Toy Stores

Talking about kinks will help to bring back that curiosity present at the start of new relationships. Even if the couple in question are already open in regard to their fantasies, going to adult toy stores to talk about the different objects, how they might want to use them, and seeing things that they may not have considered before could be enough to invite fun, new experimentation in the bedroom.

3.) Watch Adult Movies Together

Contrary to popular belief, women watch adult movies just as often as men do. Being comfortable with this as a woman, is often one of the most pleasing experiences for men in the bedroom. While specific turn-ons may differ from one person to the next, taking the time to share porn that each person likes is incredibly healthy in regard to communication, and as a catalyst for $ex. After all, when the only thing on both individual’s minds is watching others go at it, it’s hard to not think about the same thing with their partner.

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4.) Talk About Desires

This may have been something both people did earlier in the relationship, or it could be something that hasn’t come up yet. Regardless, taking the time to sit down and flat out state what makes each person horny is great for communication, and great for figuring out what to try next in the bedroom. It might not seem that romantic, but sometimes communication wanes the more we feel like we know the other person. Besides, stating your desires out loud can be just as hot or hotter than implying it.

5.) Schedule $ex in Advance

This is a tip that might not sound $exy, but it’s something that a lot of couples really should do in a long-term relationship. It happens, people get bogged down with work, studies, and other life struggles, and $ex eventually takes the back-burner in the list of priorities. Scheduling $ex is a way to put that back into your list, and way to ensure that int!macy isn’t ignored for too long. While it might not be $exy, keeping it in mind and making sure there’s a time to sit down and try it is important to maintaining a physical relationship.

6.) Look up new Kinks Each Month

Our final tip is something that should keep the ideas flowing when it comes to new bedroom activities. Find a list of fetishes, and really take the time to read through them and discuss it. Keeping an open mind is important for this, and it may just lead to new discoveries for both people!

These 6 tips should help when it comes to keeping the passion alive. In this busy world, love needs to take more precedence.