5 Ways Your Marriage Changes After the Birth of The Baby

5 Ways Your Marriage Changes After the Birth of The Baby

Trying to make yourselves 3, from the 2 can often come with challenges, unforeseen and unavoidable. You believe at first, that this little being will fit right into your world like a missing puzzle piece; In reality, the puzzle of your life is built around them! Their little fingers and toes take up a colossal place in your lives and of your attention. The changes in your marriage on the arrival of the little one is inevitable and can get unbearable, at times. Here’s how you deal with the initial jolt of being new parents:


1.Say Goodbye to ‘Me’ Time

Do not be fooled, Mummies and Daddies. The Baby’s little size is no indication to the responsibility it can prove to be. The little one will take up 101% of your time, forget long chats with your partner, or cuddling, or just looking into each other’s eyes.

You need to share the load, parents. Divide the work, make a schedule, who’s turn it is should never get in the way of marital bliss. When you put the baby down, Remember, although sleep is tempting, your partner is your top priority. Spend time with each other, try to do the things you did before the bundle of joy. In no time you will make up for lost time.

2.Who comes first?

Its understandable that your baby to you is nothing short of a miracle. You gaze upon the baby’s beautiful face for hours on end, nibble away at little toes and put your baby’s needs before your partner’s. That’s the first step in the wrong direction, it’s the beginning of a long array of heated spats with your spouts over who comes first.

Your neglect towards your partner may have unimaginable repercussions, ones that may take root, deep and steadfast. To avoid this, while time away with both your partner and your baby. Fulfill your child’s need, together. This will help strengthen your bond.

3.Sex is History

Being intimate will become a thing of the past. Any free time you have (if you have free time) will be spent with the love of your life, your bed. This may lead to friction between your other half and you.

Communication is the key. Let him know it’s not his fault and that you will, in time, feel in the mood again. Don’t keep your feelings buried within yourself as this spells out disaster for new parents.

4.Change is Good

Although it isn’t what you seek, and not what you want you want, change is not all bad. Missing out on parties or passing on get-togethers may not be the universe testing your patience but life giving you an opportunity to grow into responsible individuals.

You can make babysitting fun by engaging both your baby and your partner in little games. You will never love him more than when you realize how much he loves the little baby.

5.Diamonds in the Rough

All the hardships, the sleep deprivation and the heated altercations, you know that you and your spouse are better for it, stronger even. Your relationship is now all about compassion and compromise; Both of which go hand in hand when it comes to a successful.

Instead of being the thread that pulls you apart, your baby will be the glue that holds you together. And that, dear parents, is the dream.

Take everyday as it comes and remember that what matters the most is love and nothing else. Cherish your little miracle, and your new found love for each other. Happy Parenting!

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